A small coin please ?

  • Actions are the effects that are activated when you spend the coins in your stock

  • Actions can be in the form of a direct purchase or Toss of coins.

  • Before activating an action, please announce the number of purchases ( if multi-target ) [or tests (for toss of coins) you wish to do and pay the full amount that will be non-refundable if successful on the first toss, see Rules variation]

  • Actions can be activated at any time and once per turn as long as no additional rules prevent this (see stacking speed


  • The coins are the resources needed to activate the actions, they are accumulated on your card “Stock”-

  • Each player starts with 1 coin and automatically wins one (or two, see stock rule) at the beginning of his turn.

Toss (of coins)

  • Some actions require you to play with luck, so you will have to toss a coin and depending on the result ,the activation of the action will be a Success or a Failure, if no Failure is indicated, then nothing happens.

  • If the action has a Success and a Failure, you will have only one try because the toss necessarily involves one of these results.

  • Coin tosses can be free if there is no number in front of it, in case there is a number in front of a coin toss, you will have to pay the amount indicated by the number before making the toss.

  • Tosses are limited to 1 try when they are free or if there is a Failure.

  • You can only force luck or bad luck after paying the cost of the action.

Direct purchase

  • You can directly spend your coins to activate the targeted action.

  • If a purchase has a target, it will be limited to 1 per turn unless it is accompanied by the "Multi-target" ability .

  • If the purchases have no targets, they are unlimited as long as you have enough money in stock.