The ether is a liquid, the ether is a solid, the ether is in all physical states and at the same time is not, but yet we see it, fractured between spaces, crystallised in time. It becomes an infinite playground where all universes are interconnected

where everything becomes possible. Here in the refraction of the Ether, the laws of nature are transcended, science and magic coexist, as well as life and death. Everything is interconnected and linked to the original Ether.

Learn to evolve in this world.

Rise up!


Far, far away, at the edge of a solar system orbiting a red giant called "Blood Star", A totalitarian corporation wants more than anything to impose its vision on all other life forms.

The Blast corporation masters many technologies recovered from those unlucky enough to cross their path. Beware the corporation is everywhere!

I am the corporation!


Originating from the thoughts of the ancient gods. Atlas is a supreme being composed of pure energy and generated by the Ether.

He travelled from world to world for over 10,000 years until he met other summoners with whom he decided to create the "celestial circle". Since then, his sole purpose is to protect his fellow man and the source of all that is: the Ether.

Despite his title of celestial protector, beware of the sleeping water, Atlas hides his game well!


Cats rule the world... We are all convinced of it...

Myrthill is a god among cats, emperor of the paws, grand chancellor of the infinite thread. His titles are legion and he is capable of prowess when his belly is full.

During his accession to the rank of felid eminence, a very rare phenomenon of elevation occurred and opened his third eye.

He discovered that the time for feline rule has arrived!

Myrthill is Gourmet and Greedy. Be careful not to become his pate!


The Ether Arch, as it was called when the "celestial circle" was formed .

Azell is a ray of sunshine, she advocates universal peace and has been said to be loved by all.

Azell knows that the very idea of harmony seems utopian, but she will do anything to achieve it. It is said that her optimistic energy is transmitted from one being to another and changes even the basic structure of the universe.


Keyng is one of the greatest Keyper masters of all time. His exploits are legendary!

Everyone remembers his amazing 7th iris opening, which allowed him to open the 100 doors of the temple of Klynn Kha and retrieve the treasure of the golden god...what an epic moment!!!

This treasure gave him the secrets of the construction he has been applying for over a millennium in his world (full of doors).


Lazarus is dead, then in a burst of light followed by a thud, he opens his eyes again. He can see, hear, feel...but something is wrong, his heart is no longer beating. Lazarus' soul wanders between worlds linked by a strange and powerful energy. As he wanders, he gathers a lot of knowledge, devouring all the grimoires at his disposal, until he understands that this powerful link is the vital energy of the Ether that allows him to continue to exist in the world of the living.

He now has only one ambition, to recover the original Ether, to appropriate it and to cherish it until the end of time.


Morphers are a very strange race, it is said that their original form can drive you crazy. Fortunately for us, they are civilised and noble beings, living outside of time, who like to pick up the habits and customs of all the beings that may cross their path.

Damoizelle Elzeen is an emissary whose vocation is to better understand the peoples and creatures that have a link with the Ether. She looks forward to meeting you and assimilating you .... ;)


Tyran considers that he has always been.

Tyran is pure power, which he steals directly from the stars.

Tyran is the power of destruction capable of wiping out legions.

Tyran wants to destroy everything and his power in the wrong hands heralds the end of time.



Lauviah has been protecting the original Ether since the beginning of time, leading the celestial circle to victory.

Raziel, her mentor, has explained to her that all these interlocking worlds are merely reflections of fractals that shimmer within the crystals of Ether. What living beings think of as hell and heaven are merely the primordial opposing worlds that glow in the original Ether.

Lauviah loves her people but do not trust her gentle gaze, her judgment is terrible.


These two twin brothers were abandoned by their mother "Yoza the Ineffable" for reasons unknown until then. They lived together, supporting each other as if they were one until the day called Nyoct'o, the day of separation. This cursed day caused a cataclysm so powerful that it stopped the rotation of their planet abruptly. Each brother took possession of one side of this world, and so Yzate settled in his light side and Ozate took refuge in the darkness.

Now they are perfecting and evolving separately to prepare for O'noko, the prophecy that announces the return of their parents.


Ollaf and ollia are the ideal couple, they breathe joy, respect and complicity. But all is not perfect in this dense forest. Strange, furry creatures live there, and a growl can be heard echoing in the darkness...

A Dwarf called Grognar broods with hatred and jealousy towards this radiant couple. He loves Ollia and wants to get rid of Ollaf. Grognar prepares his beastly army, he has a plan...

But so far, love is stronger than anything.


Harnya is the seduction born monster.

She comes from the wild world of Koarmor, a vast burning desert filled with explosive geysers and caves where life teems exponentially.

The last living people to see Harnya say she has an insatiable temper, she is angry and bipolar, dangerous from horns to tail.

You will fall under her fiery gaze, but don't forget that she loves destruction in all its forms!


The original matrix in its desire for creation and perfection had decided to create life in a new form.

Its creation took the form of a robot, but life did not seem to want to enter it. She added a fragment of Ether to the heart of her processor, and began a long series of upgrades until she saw a spark of intelligence illuminate the LEDs on her face.

The 182nd update was the right one. Since then, R-182 has been alive and kicking, supporting and protecting the original matrix to create a whole galaxy of robots.


On the edge of the H'orm wasteland, Alior lives like a hermit, among the dark ruins of a not-so-distant past where his people lived before the great Nezoh (the final war).

Only spirits visit him, and whisper the necessary incantations during his energy balancing sessions. When one day, during a veneration of Ether, the revelation made him leave his body and opened the eternal vision.

He feels deep inside that he can now control the spirits and avenge his family and people.


The myth tells us that a violent storm spawned Lilith, and that after a fall that lasted more than 6 suns, she fell amnesiac and disoriented on the planet Amethée, a planet formerly colonized by the Blast corporation.

There, she is taken in by a giant bat who provides her with food, shelter, knowledge and power.

Once back on her feet, she decides to travel in order to discover her identity, her roots and the reason for her life here on this world.